Android App Recommendations Vol. 2

Here’s a few more apps that I’ve come across that I’d like to highlight. Thanks to Justin for the Mario LWP recommendation! Like last time, some of these apps will only work on rooted phones or on certain versions of Android.

Chrome to Phone – Send data from your web browser to your phone. Also requires Chrome to Phone extension for Chrome or Send to Phone extension for Firefox. WARNING: This app requires Android 2.2.

Droid Comic Viewer – Read comic books in cbz, cbr and other formats.

Dropbox – Full and fast dropbox access on your phone. It has a very simple interface and works exactly as I expect it should.

Mario LWP – Best Live Wallpaper Ever. WARNING: This app requires Android 2.1 or newer. – A simplified view of your finances from Mint.

SystemPanel Lite – A really slick task manager with pretty graphs. WARNING: This app’s task killing features are only supported on rooted phones.

Titanium Backup – If you use a rooted phone, Titanium Backup will make your life easier. Lots of functions related to backing up and restoring your apps and settings. If you buy a license for $3.99, you get automated batch processing, market cleanup and builder functions. WARNING: This app is only supported on rooted phones.

TweetDeck – This app is still in beta, but it’s a great app that supports Twitter, Facebook status messages, Google Buzz and Foursquare. It is very quick, slick and easy to use. Sign up for free access at the link provided. WARNING: This app requires Android 2.1 or newer (for now, future versions will support 1.5/1.6)

Where – This app has all the info you’ll need while you’re out places. Restaurants, Gas, Stores, Weather, and tons more. A very handy app to have.

Current ROM: CyanogenMod 6.0-RC3 D/S

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